An overview of E-Cigarette - How does electronic cigarette work?

Vaping or inhaling smoke like substance is a habit which is way older than we would think. Indeed people have been looking for healthier alternatives to smoking. Thanks to Hollywood movies, smoking had become a habit that was considered extremely cool for a pretty long time. Let’s take a closer look at the process of vaping and how e cigs work. What is vaping?

The word itself is one that invariably requires explanation. It refers to the inhalation of the aerosol that the vaper creates with the help of a particular liquid, often called as e liquids. Today there are thousands of flavors to make the habit more attractive for those who are quitting smoking cigarettes by considering vaping as an alternative. As per the process, the vaporizer transforms the e-liquid to become a smoke or rather a steam-based substance that has a feel which is pretty similar to cigarette smoke. The e-liquid contains a specific amount of nicotine, and some other ingredients they can include such as glycerin, glycol, and propylene. The exact amount and combination of ingredients gives the actual flavor.

The anatomy of an e-cigarette:

Today there are different styles of e cigs available in the market, but they all share similar qualities when it comes to their working mechanism. Let’s get to see the key components of any e-cigarette:

  • Battery: this is an important and integral part which makes sure about whole functioning of the device
  • Tube: this is the long part of e-cigarette which contains the rest of the ingredients
  • E-liquid: the actual substance which is to be inhaled. The main ingredient of all e-liquid is glycerin which is also the key component of natural animal fat. That’s why all e liquids look and feel oily.
  • Cartridge for the e-liquid: It is the holder from where the users can fill in the e-liquid.
  • Atomizer: this is another component of key importance, the actual converter, which would convert liquid to steam.
  • Cartomizer: the part of e-cigarette holding the cartridge and the atomizer together. Vaping is the process of atomizing the e-liquid triggered by a push of a button on the e-cigarette. This will generate the fume like substance that’s to be breathed in and out. As you can see it’s pretty close to smoking.

E-cigs are easy enough to refill both battery and e-liquid. While the Chargers work with USB connection and it’s enough to charge them for a couple of hours, e-liquid is sold in every tobacco stores and online stores and also on vaping-related websites. Today, you can choose from flavors you would never have dreamt of before. This is what makes vaping not just a healthier but also a much more attractive choice when it comes to quitting smoking cigarettes.

While the nicotine content is easy to define, it’s also important to note that e cigs do not contain tobacco. Therefore they lack all the toxic ingredients which tobacco naturally contains.