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How does vaping measure up to smoking?

E Cigarette is the one of the wonder of today’s science and technology. Now smoker can secrete their serotonin with help of Nicotine without damaging their lung with smokes. An Electronic Cigarette consists of a customizer which basically contain nicotine, flavor and other vaporizer, a atomizer which turns the customizer chemical into vapour, the a atomizer is activated or powered by battery which is rechargeable with advance features and inside the battery there is a microchip which turn on or off according to the standby mode, inhale or exhale.

When user inhale the Cigarette, the microchip activated the battery which turns on the customizer then atomizer start turning chemical into vapor, the moment user starts exhaling, the Cigarette goes in standby mode in order to save battery.

When you buy e cigarette or an electronic cigarette, make sure you read the nicotine strength and choose one that you prefer. There are different types of e cigs available in the market, you should choose carefull

Pros & Cons

The Cigarette is basically defamed because of its smoke. As the traditional Cigarette get their power from fire within the Cigarette, to vaporize the nicotine. This fire and smoke results is responsible for the load of tar in our lungs which is quite enough to suffer a person till death.

However, this e- cigarette is the solution of the smoke and fire problem, as the e- Cigarette burn the nicotine form the heat generated from the Battery whereas the traditional Cigarette burns the nicotine and cause the tar in user lungs.

Whereas there are some other problems such as addiction of Nicotine or the chemical, in these this case this e Cigarette is harmful as traditional Cigarettes. Permitted countries

In most of the countries e cigarette is banned due to its Addiction, side effect and after affect, however in some countries such as Australia, Belgium and Denmark are permitted only if there is no nicotine in e cigarette. In China it is permitted but only in some regional area. Costa Rita, Estonia, EUROPEAN UNION, Germany, Isreal, Italy, Ireland, Korea, Latavia, Malta, NETHERLANDS, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Tazisktan, Ukraine, Britain, USA are the countries where are e cigarettes permitted. In some other countries e cigarette is permitted however partly.

Famous Brands

There are many famous brands with strong competition within themselves provide smokers a better quality at reasonable rate such as Malbro, Camel, Lucky Strike etc. These brands give us freedom to buy e cigs according to his desire and his budget.


There are many flavors available in e cigarette such as coffee, chocolate, methanol, regular, vanilla, cherry, apple and many more. Whatever you like, you can easily get from market. Now for your comfort, you can purchase c liquids from online stores. You just need to sit relax at your home and with a small search you can find a supplier. In the end, if somebody is addicted of traditional cigarette then twisting toward the e cigarette is a much better option rather inhaling traditional cigarette with smoke and fire. I am not advising to start smoking just because it is less harmful. Don’t take me otherwise; use e cigs instead of normal cigarettes.